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I'm Anthony Kirby – I’m a regular guy with a wife and kids, and until a little while ago I was struggling to get my business into gear.

Between juggling family, finances and trying to get my name out there as a credible authority in my space it was tough.

Thankfully I worked some of the serious stuff out after a few months of living a little close to the edge – and now I’m extremely lucky to work with clients across the globe in business big and small (including Microsoft and GJ Gardner Homes).

What I found was that I had this mission to help more business owners – but with time constraints (and the importance I place on being a father) I couldn’t deliver.

So I created Predictable Growth Academy. It’s an online program with mentoring and guidance from me and my team along the way.

It’s essentially broken into 4 fundamental business areas

Plan – get clear on where you are and where you want to be

Prepare – get your branding, message, products and services aligned to your market

Promote – get visibility to your target audience(s) and make sure they trust and like you

Profit – educate your clients through the sales process and create opportunities for income

This is the same framework I (unconsciously) used to create a massive turnaround in my personal business fortunes. We went from generating minimal income to over $350,000 in literally a couple of months. It was insane and whilst I’m not sure if you’d get the same level of result – I know for certain that the fundamentals will move you towards sales and income.

 As a member of Predictable Growth Academy you are eligible for some pretty amazing ‘extras’. Our way of saying thanks (without the steak knives and cheesy sales videos)

 1.     Access to a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners in our private facebook community. (I hide out in here every day so I can answer your questions to keep you moving forward).

2.     LIFETIME Weekly group video calls (my current clients pay $500 per session for this exact thing). This is the ONLY place I work directly with people who are not paying me $4000+ per day and it's exclusive to you as a member of the Predictable Growth Academy

3.     2 x Tickets to ANY of my events (just get yourself to the room). Admission includes your workbook and a seat for a business partner, loved one or team member.

It’s a special program and it gets special results for our clients – I’m truly proud of it and I know it delivers on what I promise so if you join and you are not convinced of the value inside the first 30 days – just let myself or the team know and we’ll give you every single dollar back.

I am honoured to do what I do each day. It lights me up and I know that I can help you to build a business which fits your life so you can do more of the things that matter to you with your family and life.

See you inside the academy (and on the calls). If you have any questions, just reach out to us ( or leave a message for us on Facebook.


Anthony (Kirby)